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Meet our Team

Richard, David and Trevor formed Ascent Employment Law on the promise of helping our clients get to a better place; to rise above and beyond their employment issues. We aim to improve the lives and businesses of those we serve using tailored, practical expertise and advice – this is our singular aim.

We get up in the morning eager to provide you with the best solution to the issue that you are dealing with. Whether you are negotiating new employment terms, trying to reinvigorate your staff to provide their best, manage a workplace conflict or end a difficult employment relationship, we want to help you through it.

With decades of collective experience navigating and litigating employment and human rights issues, we understand today’s business world and the issues that you are facing.

You and your workplace are not cookie-cutter; your legal solutions shouldn’t be either. When you need legal assistance, you deserve practical and candid guidance that makes your specific situation better; not unnecessarily adversarial.

We take the time to understand you, your situation and to guide you through the process that will provide the best, most efficient and effective solution for you.