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Richard B. Johnson


Co-Founder + Partner

About Richard

Richard loves what he does and the people he works with. He is passionate about workplace issues and ensuring that the legal solutions he offers are practical and make situations better; not worse or more contentious.

He has the experience to handle the most complex and emotion-filled matters with practicality, fairness and respect.

Richard’s approach aims to manage workplace issues before they become irreparable. He aims to resolve matters without unnecessary conflict but with years of trial experience, litigation is sometimes a necessary tool to get his clients a fair outcome. Richard represents his clients with vigour through the trial and hearing process, with empathy, efficiency and singular focus on their needs.

Richard believes that employers and employees are essential and deserving of fair treatment. In fact, in most cases, employers and employees have many of the same fundamental needs and aims. That is why he does not represent only one side. His years of experience have made Richard an effective advisor and representative for both employers and employees in need of passionate assistance and guidance. He is a partner through the entire legal process; from start to effective conclusion.

Learn more about Richard in this brief video!

*operating as a law corporation