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About Scott

Scott is a passionate employment lawyer with a track record of success in and out of the courtroom. He works closely with employees and employers to implement immediate and strategic responses to workplace issues.

Skilled at navigating the complex laws that govern employment and professional relationships, Scott’s gold-standard is to craft practical solutions to disputes without running up unnecessary legal fees. He takes a pragmatic approach to negotiating common-sense solutions and obtaining the best result in the least amount of time.

Scott is also an experienced courtroom lawyer, having successfully advocated for employment and commercial clients in trials, hearings, and appeals. He regularly appears in mediations, arbitrations, and administrative tribunals to pursue the best outcomes for his clients.

Scott has extensive experience advising and representing employees and employers on a variety of workplace matters, including:

• Wrongful dismissals

• Constructive dismissals

• Severance pay and package negotiations

• Human rights complaints

• Employee misclassification

• Workplace harassment and discrimination

• Drafting employment contracts and workplace policies

• Professional discipline and licensing disputes

• Workplace investigations

Outside of work, Scott spends as much time as possible in BC’s expansive outdoors. He sits on multiple non-profit boards, occasionally writes for a music blog, and frequently loses at pub trivia.