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Trevor R. Thomas

Co-Founder + Partner

About Trevor

Trevor believes that work has a fundamental impact on our life experience.

We often define our identity, measure our self-worth and understand our place in society through our work. When these factors are in harmony with a corporation’s purpose, mission and objectives, business will thrive. Employers will solve problems, innovate and grow when employees have the autonomy and respect to make thoughtful decisions. When these factors are out of alignment, work can be a significant impairment to our health and well-being.

Trevor’s belief in the impact of work is reflected through his thoughtful and balanced approach. He guides employers on achieving corporate objectives by providing strategic workplace advice. Trevor also helps employees to create fulfilling and positively impactful life experiences at work through his legal advice, guidance and insight.

Trevor’s calm approach to the complex problems that arise in workplaces, his self-deprecating sense of humour, and his British-inspired sartorial fashion sense, have made him a highly sought-after legal advisor to companies and employees in British Columbia.

Learn more about Trevor in this brief video!