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Services For Employees

With a wealth of experience spanning several decades, we have dedicated ourselves to practicing within the legal domains directly affecting your employment: labor laws, workers’ rights, contract engagements, human rights, and workers’ compensation regulations. Whether you’re in the process of securing fair terms for a new contract, navigating complaints within your workplace, transitioning away from your current job, or seeking capable legal support, we are here to offer our assistance.

We understand employer –
employee relationships

With several decades of collective experience mastering our craft, we practice solely in the areas of law that apply to your work: employment, human rights, contractor engagements, labour and workers’ compensation law.


With decades of collective experience navigating and litigating employment and human rights issues, we understand today’s business world and the issues that you are facing.


Richard, David and Trevor formed Ascent Employment Law on the promise of helping our clients get to a better place; to rise above and beyond their employment issues.


We take the time to understand you, your situation and to guide you through the process that will provide the best, most efficient and effective solution for you.

The right team, dedicated to your success