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Employee/Staff Management

For Employers

Employee and staff management is more than a simple procedural document, it’s about fostering a positive workplace. A workplace with open communication, free of harassment and one that operates efficiently. That’s not to say having the proper procedures and policies isn’t important; because it is. But your BC business should have a mix of formal and informal operating procedures.

It’s All About Creating a Positive Workplace

Imagine a workplace where everyone wakes up excited to come to work. Sounds great, right? But it’s achievable. While having legally sound documents is paramount, the real goal is to create an environment where resorting to these documents is a rarity. Legal confrontations are stressful, not just for the employer but for the entire team. Clear policies, open communication, and multiple steps before taking legal action can prevent many potential conflicts. Remember, a happy workplace is one where everyone feels heard and respected.

What Do You Need for Successful Staff Management?

Successful staff management might differ from business to business. But all organizations would agree that there are several components every company needs to have.

A Clear Employment Contract

Every successful employer-employee relationship starts with a clear employment contract. This document sets the tone for what’s expected from both parties. It’s not just a formality; it’s a foundation. A well-drafted contract can prevent misunderstandings and provide clarity during uncertain times. Having a clear-cut employment agreement will also save you time and money if there are ever any legal disputes. A good employment lawyer will draw up an agreement that won’t have issues that are open to interpretation. 

Policies and Procedures

A company’s policies and procedures are its backbone. They provide guidance on everything from diversity and harassment in the workplace to employee termination. It’s essential to be transparent about these policies, ensuring every team member understands and adheres to them. After all, clarity today can prevent conflicts tomorrow.

A Killer Onboarding Process

As an employer, the onboarding process is your chance to set the tone of the employee-employer relationship. Go over company policies and procedures and lay out what will be and what won’t be tolerated. This is also a chance for you to learn about new hires, their unique experiences and whether they lied on their resumes. And while you’re evaluating new employees, they are evaluating you, the employer. They are learning about the business, culture and the work-life-balance part of the job. 

It’s important that your legal ducks are in order, especially when it comes to the onboarding process. It should have detailed information about the length, compensation, requirements and process of termination in the probation period. 


How Can Lawyers Help?

Having experienced lawyers by your side isn’t just for when things go bad. The contracts drawn up by employment lawyers should serve a guide. A guide to a better workplace that both employees and employers will follow. Here are the benefits of having employment lawyers by your side. 


From the coffee shop at the corner to the tech startup racing to be the next big thing, employment lawyers have seen the myriad challenges BC employers face. Experience that will never leave you second guessing your corporate policy and procedures. Lawyers also understand that your business is unique. You can rest assured that your advice and documentation will not be a cookie-cutter approach. It will be completely unique to your business requirements. 

Legally Sound Contracts

A contract is more than just legal jargon on paper. It’s the backbone of proper employee / staff management. Lawyers ensure your contracts aren’t just legally sound, but also clear and fair, protecting both you and your employees. Ambiguity in contracts is a waste of time and money for everyone and it takes your focus away from running a successful business. 

Mediation and Arbitration

Conflicts, while unfortunate, are a part of human interactions. But they don’t always have to end up in court. Mediation and arbitration are like therapy for workplace disputes—a space to voice concerns, find middle ground, and rebuild bridges. For example, At Ascent Employment Law, we have handled many disputes between employer and employee. We share the best interest from both sides, which is to reach an agreement respectable to both sides in a timely manner.

Defending Employers

While we’re all for peace and understanding, we’re also fierce defenders when the situation demands. If you ever find yourself in a tight spot, know that we’ve got your back, ready to defend your rights and reputation. All in the shortest possible time frame so that the cost isn’t too significant to your business’ bottom line. 

Why Choose Ascent

At the end of the day, staff management is about people. It’s about understanding, empathy, and mutual respect. Our vast experience means we can provide insights and advice that’s not just legally sound but also rooted in real-world situations. We specialize in crafting contracts that stand up in court, ensuring that your interests are always protected.

The right team, dedicated to your success