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Ascent Employer Huddle: Human Rights in the Trenches

Join us as Ascent Employment Law co-founders David Brown and Trevor Thomas delve into the practical application of human rights within the workplace.
Drawing from recent case studies and leveraging Ascent Employment’s firsthand experience in four recent hearings before the BC Human Rights Tribunal, we will explore the nuances and complexities of human rights law as it unfolds on the ground. In so doing, we will discuss not only the legal test for workplace discrimination, but also technical issues on presenting evidence, assessing damages and creating a compelling narrative for the tribunal to follow.
Whether you’re navigating current challenges or proactively planning for the future, this presentation will equip you with the knowledge and insights to foster an inclusive and compliant work environment, while balancing business needs.
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Employer Huddle: Managing Disability Claims

Speakers: Richard Johnson & Trevor Thomas

Richard and Trevor will review best practice for managing disability claims, from what information can be requested to verify the leave, to how to handle an eventual return to work. They will answer common questions (can I communicate with an employee on leave? How long can a leave last before the employment contract is frustrated?), and share strategies for managing disability claims.

Employer Huddle: Employment Contracts 101

Speakers: Victoria Merritt & Jessica Gibson

Down with Latin and heretofores! Employment contracts can be legally effective, without being written in legalese. Join Victoria and Jessica as they review the benefits of having written employment contracts in place, and tips for how to draft contracts that are both enforceable, and readable. We’ll discuss key terms, common drafting pitfalls, and the basic rules around enforceability of employment contracts.

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Employer Huddle: COVID-19 and Employment: What Happens Now?

Speakers: David Brown & Victoria Merritt

Ascent lawyers will grapple with the question of what should happen in workplaces as COVID-19 moves out of the pandemic phase, into something longer-term. Join us as we debate some of the prospective paths employers can take, and try to provide as concrete advice as we can in the ever shifting landscape of this issue.

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Employer Huddle: Diversity and Inclusion, Not Just Buzzwords!

Speakers: Trevor Thomas & Marla Calvert

Join us for a primer on why “diversity”, “inclusion”, “intersectionality” and “equity” are much more than buzzwords. Trevor and Marla will review relevant recent human rights cases that illustrate what employers should do (or not do!) when tackling issues in this area, and provide our practical recommendations for improving the inclusivity of your workplace.

Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

Ascent lawyers, Victoria Merritt & Richard Johnson, will discuss the key challenges employers face when addressing bullying and harassment in the workplace. Topics will include:

  1. Understanding the line between reasonable management and bullying;

  2. Drafting and implementing effective policies;

  3. Handling complaints in a timely and responsible manner;

  4. Tips for handling investigations; and

  5. How to deal appropriately with frivolous or vexatious complaints.

As always, Q&A will be a key part of this session!

Employer Huddle – How to manage employee performance while addressing mental health issues, with Dr. Jaleh Shahin

Ascent will welcome Dr. Jaleh Shahin, a registered psychologist from Upsilon Clinic, to join us for a discussion about how to manage issues relating to mental health and performance management in the workplace. In this talk, Dr. Shahin will discuss how to promote psychological safety in the workplace, supporting employee success, and managing performance concerns, and provide best practice recommendations.

Employer Huddle: Strategies to Incentivize: Commissions, Stock Options, Paid Time Off & More!

Join us for a discussion on new and effective strategies that employers can consider to attract, retain and reward the best talent. Richard and Glen will review relevant recent decisions on the law surrounding commissions and stock options and what employers should do (or not do!) when considering incentives, and provide practical advice for incentivizing employees while protecting the employer’s interests.

We will also provide advice on tips and tricks for drafting employment agreements with commission and stock terms which protect the employer should things go awry with an employee.

Employer Huddle (Webinar): Restrictive Covenants: Practical Considerations and Advice for Drafting Non-Solicitation and Non-Compete Clauses to Protect Employers’ Interests

Speakers: David Brown and Jessica Gibson

Friday, November 18, 2022 12:00 – 1:30 p.m.

Join us for this exciting session! Ascent Co-Founder and Partner, David Brown and Associate, Jessica Gibson, will be guiding us through the hot topic of restrictive covenants. This complimentary webinar will cover recent, relevant cases on the current legal principles that govern restrictive covenants in the context of employment relationships, as well as practical tips and tricks when considering and drafting non-solicitation and non-compete clauses and options to improve the enforceability of these important clauses.  

David and Jessica will also discuss important practical considerations for employers including the legal costs and court process for seeking to enforce a restrictive covenant.

Employee Maximization and Performance Management: A Toolkit!

Join us on May 15 for our next Employer Huddle!

Ascent Co-Founder + Partner, Richard Johnson, and senior HR expert, Sofia Arisheh of Upskill Consulting will discuss how you can engage in the best practices for performance management, reviews and assessments, while ensuring that your staff retention and productivity is at a peak.

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Mastering the Pay Transparency Act: A Must-Attend Webinar for Employers

Presented by Geoffrey Howard of Howard Employment Law and David Brown of Ascent Employment Law

Understanding new legislation is crucial for your business’s success, particularly when it relates to your employees. To assist, we invite you to join our upcoming webinar on the recently enacted Pay Transparency Act (PTA). This BC legislation presents significant changes to hiring, pay practices, and workforce data reporting.

Our presentation will help you navigate the new rules, understand their practical implications, and develop strategies to ensure your business is fully compliant. We’ll also explore how the PTA aims to address pay inequities, providing a transparent work environment.

Don’t miss this opportunity to stay informed and proactive about changes that directly impact your business operations.

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