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New Circuit Breaker Business Relief Grant

Trevor R. Thomas

Co-Founder + Partner
April 15, 2021

On March 31, 2021, the Province of BC issued an order – known as the “Circuit Breaker Restrictions” – directing that restaurants, pubs, bars and food courts are closed for indoor dining, and that low intensity group exercise (which includes Hatha yoga, pilates, light weightlifting, stretching, and tai-chi, among other things) is prohibited until April 19. To help reduce the impact on small businesses, the government created the Circuit Breaker Business Relief Grant.

The grant is funded by $50 million from the $345 million small- and medium-sized business recovery package introduced in 2020. It is expected that approximately 14,000 businesses would be eligible to apply, and the amount of the grants varies depending on the size of the business:

Number of B.C. employees/contracted staff Grant amount

None $1,000

1 to 4 $2,000

5 to 99 $5,000

100+ $10,000

The grant can be used for covering expenses such as the cost of perishable food loss, rent and utilities, insurance and maintenance, and will be available until June 4, 2021 or until the $50 million is depleted.

We’ve been assisting small businesses to apply for grants under the business recovery package introduced in 2020.

If you have questions about this new grant or need help applying, contact us!