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Why We Became Chartered Professionals in HR

David M. Brown

Co-Founder + Partner
February 17, 2022

If you work with David Brown or Richard Johnson, you might have noticed something a little different about their signature lately. Recently, both lawyers had their extensive experience in workplace law and human resources recognized by receiving their designation as Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR). We are proud of this designation, as it demonstrates our commitment to serving workplaces and highlights our efforts in supporting businesses of all sizes.


What is the CPHR?

The CPHR designation is nationally recognized and is granted by professional provincial HR bodies. In British Columbia, the CPHR BC & Yukon confers the certificate. The CPHR designation represents a commitment to a national standard of excellence and sets a benchmark for the practice of effective human resources. It emphasizes the strategic role of HR management in business. In a word – it’s the gold standard of human resources.


Why did we pursue CPHR?

Strategic HR management is exactly what Ascent does. Through our years of experience and thought leadership on important business topics such as risk mitigation, culture enhancement and values promotion, Ascent lawyers believe that applying best practices in human resources is a strategic advantage to our clients. At no time has this belief been more evident than right now, where COVID-19, cost inflation and skills shortages have made creative problem-solving an essential skill of any HR professional.

We pursued the CPHR designation because we believe in what it stands for, and the strategic advice, clear guidance and leadership on all aspects of the workplace that CPHR promotes.

Why should your business care?

The CPHR designation is trusted across Canada. By achieving this standard, practitioners are dedicated to a professional Code of Ethics, undergoing regular professional development training and committing to the highest standards of professional practice in human resources.

In the case of David and Richard, their receipt of this designation recognizes their 10+ years of experience in offering executive-level workplace solutions. This designation signals that they offer advice you can trust. Contact them now!