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Values: The keys to our Ascent

Richard B. Johnson

Co-Founder + Partner
October 7, 2021

We believe that law can be better and be more adaptable to the lives and businesses of those we serve.  Therefore, when we “poured the foundation” of our law firm, we firmly entrenched our business in solid and unwavering values that we strive for in all that we do. While we started with five core values, we have added a sixth that we realized was a touchstone the whole time; courage.


Our Promise


Our promise to those we serve is as follows:


  1. We will advise you and advance your interests with courage. We will not be intimidated or threatened by the actions of others;

  2. We will provide you with professional service and representation;

  3. We will provide you with honesty in all of our dealings;

  4. We will treat you with respect, always;

  5. We will provide our services, and represent you, with integrity; and

  6. We will treat you with humanity and care.


We strive not only to simply abide by each of these values but to excel in living them.


Over the coming weeks, I will be expanding on each of these values in a blog series touching on these values in the context of our practice specifically and business generally.


Stay tuned!