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Courage: One key to our Ascent…

Richard B. Johnson

Co-Founder + Partner
October 21, 2021

Welcome back!


As you may have read in our October 7 article (Values: The Keys to Our Ascent), we believe that legal services can and should be more adaptable to the lives and businesses of those we serve. However, this goal can only be accomplished with clear intention and sticking to key values.


Ascent is dedicated to six core values which form our Promise to those we serve:


We will:

1.      Advise you and advance your interests with courage;

2.      Provide you with professional service and representation;

3.      Provide you with honesty in all of our dealings;

4.      Treat you with respect, always;

5.      Provide our service and represent you with integrity; and

6.      Treat you with humanity and care.


Today, I would like to unpack Courage and why we enshrined it as a core value.


“Courage is not the lack of fear. It is acting in spite of it” (Mark Twain)


Agreed – but to us at Ascent, courage means a bit more than that such as:

·         Being bold and singularly focused on the needs and interests of our client;

·         Not being swayed by social or political pressures;

·         Not being intimidated or threatened by the actions of others; and

·         Being honest and candid, and having tough conversations with others when needed.


As lawyers, we work in inherently contentious and emotion-filled circumstances. Courage is absolutely necessary to effectively guide a client through litigation and remain unwaveringly fixed in pursuit of their best interests despite legal and practical hurdles, and adversarial parties (sometimes several opposing parties).


Courage is important to us at Ascent in terms of how we live and how we practice law.  As Mr. Twain sagely noted, this does not mean we don’t experience the wide range of emotions that people do; it means that we move forward firmly despite them!  


In our next piece, hear more about how we enshrine professionalism in all of our work.


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