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Navigating The Complex World Of Professional Regulation In BC

Trevor R. Thomas

Co-Founder + Partner
February 15, 2023

Teaching. Dentistry. Engineering. These are just a few of the many professions in British Columbia that are governed by a complex regulatory framework.

Professional governing bodies oversee particular professions through legislative powers. For example, the Teachers Act empowers the Commissioner for Teacher Regulation with the responsibility to review the conduct and competence of educators in BC, helps enforce the standards for educators, and oversees the discipline process. Other professions are subject to similar basic aspects of work: certification, standards of practice, and discipline.

For individuals entering into professional careers, it is imperative to have a basic understanding of the regulatory framework that governs your profession. This is particularly true of the disciplinary provisions that may have a wide-ranging impact on your ability to practice. Interpretation of the framework can be found in disciplinary decisions from the particular governing body. These decision are highly valuable to those starting out in the profession as they serve as a “what not to do”. The decisions are also helpful for those facing discipline and wondering how the governing body has dealt with similar disciplinary issues in the past.

If you are facing discipline, you have options. Protecting your professional reputation is always a key consideration in determining how to navigate through these issues. Resolving the issue at an early stage on an informal basis can often be a valuable strategy to minimize reputational damage in the public.

While we have mostly focused on professional discipline in this blog, there are many other aspect of professional regulation that may impact your ability to become certified and to practice. If you have questions or require assistance, contact us.