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Professionalism: An obligation; not an option!

Richard B. Johnson

Co-Founder + Partner
December 31, 2021

Welcome to the third installment of our series on the core values that form the foundation of Ascent Employment Law!

As we set out in our first two pieces (outlining Ascent’s Promise, and Courage specifically), Ascent is dedicated to six core values which form our Promise to those we serve.

Today, I will be focusing on Professionalism and, specifically, what it means when we promise to provide professional service and representation.

Some people define a “professional” as someone whose work requires a great amount of education or training to do. However, we feel that anyone can act professionally no matter what their job or title. To us, professionalism is a way of being and not a status or position.

At Ascent, being professional means:

·        acting in a transparent and ethical way;

·        living up to expectations;

·        being reliable;

·        following through on the commitments we make;

·        being candid and clear in our advice; and

·        never letting our personal emotions or personal views cloud our advocacy for our clients.

Professionalism is a cornerstone of who were are at Ascent. It is not optional; it is a promise.

Join us next time to learn how we enshrine honesty in our lives and practice. 

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